High-Pressure Misting System

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Along with our repair and replacement services, Kendall Misting Systems provides spring start-up and winter shut-down services for our loyal customers. As suggested by manufacturers, start-up and shut-down services are critical to increasing the lifespan of your misting system.

Our technicians are experienced in providing preventative and protective measures for the misting systems we install and service. From malfunctions to complete replacement, we suggest routine maintenance by high-quality technicians to ensure your systems are protected against the elements and seasons.

Proper maintenance can help you avoid high-cost repairs seasonally, and protect your investment, especially with the extreme temperatures in Arizona.

SPRING Start-up Service

  • Change Pump Oil
  • Flush Antifreeze
  • Install New Filter Cartridge(s)
  • Clean Pump Unit; Check for Oil Leaks
  • Replace or Clean Nozzles
  • Flush All Supply and Mist Line
  • Check All Hoses, Fittings, and Lines for Leaks or Wear
  • Pressure Test System
  • Report Any Problems or Recommendations

WINTER Shutdown Service:

  • Flush All Lines – Above and Below Ground – with Compressed Air until Dry
  • Remove Filtration Cartridge to Prevent Freezing and Flooding
  • Turn Off Water and Power to the System
  • Unplug and Label System with Dated Service Tag
  • Run Pet and Child-Friendly Antifreeze through Pump; This Not Only Prevents Freezing but Keeps Water Seals Lubricated

Please note: Performing this service will extend the Warranty from one year to two years.