High-Pressure Misting System

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At Kendall Misting Systems we provide high-quality repair for our clients who own a stainless steel or copper high-pressure mist system in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

We pride ourselves on our efficiency and most issues are able to be repaired the same day. If you need a complete pump rebuild, typically we take on average 5-10 business days to repair, depending on the issue and model you own.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not repair PVC or low pressure (city water pressure/no pump) systems. We only offer repair services for misting systems installed by Kendall Misting Systems

Service Calls

For every service call, we charge a minimum of $75.00 which includes technician drive time and one hour of servicing upon arrival. If further work is needed or if we need to take any equipment back to the shop for repairs, we ensure you are not charged for a second service call when we return any equipment back to your home. If extra time, labor or parts are needed beyond the initial $75.00 quote, we will, of course, discuss with you first before any work is performed.